Jorge Silva Luján
Chairman of WiderPool's Mexican Advisory Board

Jorge shares with the world that "It is all about people". He has extensive experience in the technology industry, having held leadership positions from different perspectives in the sector: Consulting (Accenture), Hardware (Compaq, HP), Software (Novell, Microsoft), as well as the perspective of the client during his performance as CIO of Pizano SA, an important group of companies in Colombia.

In the last two years, he was distinguished as "Most Trusted CEO from Mexico” in 2017 and appears in position 23 of the "Merco Ranking Top 100 leaders of 2018 in Mexico”

Jorge Macías Benítez
COO/ CIO and Board Member at Insignia Life
VP at widerPool's Mexican Advisory Board
Chief of Strategic Content  at the Advisory Board of CIONET Mexico

Since 1989 when Jorge Macias arrive at his very first executive IT Position, he has been identified as a very seasoned and passionate leader, innovative, out of the box thinker and business solutions designer, not only in Mexico but also in America and Latino America; also from 10 years to now, due to his Christian Leadership as a Haggai´s Institute Alumni Ministry, Jorge is also recognized as a Global Leader.  

He is also an expert on building and motivating cross-functional, highly focused teams that successfully meet and exceed global, regional’s and corporate expectations.

Luis de León Lozano
IT Director at Divisas San Jorge
Chief of Strategic Alliances at WiderPool Mexico
Chief of Innovation at the Advisory Board of CIONET Mexico

Luis is originally from Monterrey Mexico. He is a natural leader who has actively participated as CIO in multiple organizations. His work during the last 20 years with 2 main focuses:
1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Professional and Personal team development 
Rafael Pimentel Pinto
CIO at Mexican Space Agency
Chief of Development at WiderPool's Mexican Advisory Board
Founding Board Member of DreamIT Mexico 

Rafa is an artist as he is passionate about human and technological evolution. Along his career, he has held IT managing positions in diverse industries and government agencies, including global IT companies, insurance, media, national security and manufacturing. Rafa has been successful in rapidly closing gaps in technology adoption for organizations and implementing innovative solutions to drive growth and efficiency.