We Supercharge your
innovation strategy

We sustain growth and value of mature companies, facilitating alliances with disruptive techs in the best startups worldwide.

The Open Innovation Program focuses on the corporations that are seeking to address their innovation challenges and leverage their growth & business opportunities by connecting with startups that are changing the industry.

We boost your transformation with
  • International and local qualified deal flow of early-and-growth stage startups strategically aligned with your challenges
  • Recommendation of the 3 best-fit startups assessed by our team of experts
    (C-Level Executives, Consultants, Tech Experts, Industry Experts, Investors)
  • Investment from EUR 1,0 to EUR1,8M in the startup of your choice.
  • Interaction with our communities of startups, investors, key accelerators, experts, industry peers.
A WiderPool of solutions
Intelligent model of effective search and selection of tech startups
Join our Open Innovation Program

Open Innovation

The window that grants you full visibility,
transparency and agility on your innovation projects.

  • Access 24/7 with full support from WiderPool’s team
  • Full visibility of your Open Innovation Project,  its milestones and deadlines
  • Access easily to startups applications in each stage
  • Database of startups with analytics
  • Review and rating of the startups by our team of Advisors
  • Interaction with our communities and WiderPool’s team
  • View reports and analysis on each stage online
  • Create standardization in the application and evaluation process
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