The Open Innovation Program is offered to corporations seeking to leverage their growth & business opportunities by connecting with startups that are changing the energy industry. Through its program, WiderPool grants accessibility to technology business models addressing the Energy trilemma:  Sustainability, Affordability & Security of Supply

The digital utility of the future will capture opportunities all along the value chain:

Distributed energy resources enabled by big data-driven alignment of supply and demand.

Back-office automation and data-driven decision making.

Data-driven asset strategies including preventative and condition-based maintenance and predictive outage.

Smart grid and smart pipes allow automated controls to improve network resiliency, safety and efficiency.

Field workforce with mobile access to maps, data, work-management tools and real-time expertise.

High level of situational awareness to enable energy balancing.

Platforms to support distributed energy resources
and marketplaces.

Customer interactions governed by analysis of customer journeys, segmentation and personalized communication.

The Open Innovation Program:

How it works

Is composed in two stages. First comes the Scout & Match  and after  this, if a company decided to have a tailored recommendation of the best fit startup, WiderPool offers the Tailored Program.


Into the details:

Our process step by step

Scout & Match Program

1. Program Kickoff

Our Open Innovation Program starts with identifying “pain points” of the Energy companies participants of the program. From that, we will identify the focus areas to be addressed and prioritize the innovation challenges & new growth opportunities and correlated technological verticals & solutions that will guide the scouting of the startups.

2. Promotion & Scouting

We will Scout, promote and connect with relevant innovative early-and-growth stage startups, collecting essential data from them. We will address highly recommended startups By leveraging our global partnerships with key Innovation Hubs and the 80+ Advisory Board members (C-Level Executives).

3. Curation 

After the scouting, we conduct an initial analysis from the collected applications to pre-select the best energy startups that have a fit with the defined focus areas.

Tailored Program

4. Due Diligence & Selection

We will further advance in the analysis of the deal-flow by applying our internal methodology followed by a due-diligence of the 10 finalists conducted together with our experts (C-Level executives) in the Energy market and specific technological verticals to provide a recommendation of the 3 selected finalists per focus area.

5. Presentation & Demo days with top Winners

The 3 finalists will be presented in a pitch day with the winners and the executive team of the corporate. An initial commercial proposal & term sheet will be prepared from the winners’ side to plan a negotiation, integration & investment.

Meet our Energy Experts

We allocate a top-notch selection committee to qualify the startups for you


Mark Holland

Managing Partner at CPG Experience


Meni Maor

Managing Director at Horizon GV

Jose-M Seara

Jose M. Seara

Former President at NaturEner USA


Russel Pullan

Executive Director at Clariter S.A.