Energy Open Innovation Program 

Find your best fit techs and become an innovation leader 

 Energy Open Innovation Program 

A program offered by WiderPool to the corporations that are seeking to leverage their growth & business opportunities by connecting with startups that are changing the industry.

The Energy sector is by far experiencing its uttermost transformation and while provoking awareness, it also allows new opportunities to arise. WiderPool will bring the best early-and-growth stage startups and energy companies together to take the Energy industry to the next level. Our experts and our proven methodology will recommend the right match for you to:

  • Bring real value opportunities and build strategies to reach new clients;

  • Decrease customer churn rate;

  • Afford access to new areas and gain customer reliability;

  • Create incentive to customers through the forecast supply and demand on the grid;

  • Adapt to new business to low-carbon energy generation models.

The Experts

We allocate a top-notch selection committee to qualify the startups for you
Mark Holland WiderPool
Mark Holland
Managing Partner at CPG Experience
Meni Maor WiderPool
Meni Maor
Managing Director at Horizon GV
Jose M Seara WiderPool
Jose M Seara
Former President, NaturEner USA
Russel Pullan
Russel Pullan
Executive Director at Clariter S.A.


The Methodology

'Scout & Match' + 'Tailored Global Exploration'

Project Kickoff
Our Open Innovation Program starts with identifying “pain points” of the Energy companies participants of the program. From that, we will identify the focus areas to be addressed and prioritize the innovation challenges & new growth opportunities and correlated technological verticals & solutions that will guide the scouting of the startups.
Promotion & Scouting
WiderPool will leverage its global partnerships with Key Innovation Hubs and the 80+ Advisory Board members (C-Level Executives) to efficiently scout worldwide for early-and-growth stage energy companies.
After the scouting, we conduct an initial analysis from the collected applications to pre-select the best energy startups that have a fit with the defined focus areas.

+ Tailored Global Exploration

Due Diligence & Analysis
We will further advance in the analysis of the deal-flow by applying our internal methodology followed by a due-diligence of the 10 finalists conducted together with our experts (C-Level executives) in the Energy market and specific technological verticals to provide a recommendation of the 3 selected finalists per focus area.
WiderPool may invest from €250.000 to € 1.8 Million in the early-and-growth stage startup(s) chosen by the corporate to start the commercial pilot or partnership. WiderPool investors and experts also have the option to co-invest.
* The Tailored Global Exploration is a continuation of the Scout & Match Program. Should you like to continue partnering with WiderPool, we can provide not only a tailored recommendation of the 3 best-fit startups to you , but also Investment in the startup you select. At this stage, we involve our experts in our due-diligence process.


 You will connect to investors, industry peers and with our community of experts in technology and the Energy market.
“WiderPool provides us with an innovative method to scout innovative ideas at a global level, paving the way for a new generation of solutions in our industry in Italy”.

Andrea Bolla CEO, VIVIgas

Andrea Bolla-1
"Today, if you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else is; your fate is to be either the disrupter or the disrupted. There is no middle ground."

Salim Ismail Founding Executive Director of Singularity University

Salim Standing_nobackground

"Different players are connecting with abundance and revolutionizing the energy sector. You can also be one of them”

Cesar Castro Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator

Cesar Castro

Our Innovation Pool

By joining the program, you will get an international and qualified deal flow of early-and-growth stage startups that address your growth & innovation challenges.


Adapting business models to low-carbon energy generation and switching into renewable energies.


Smart Grid & Demand Response

Deployment of smart meters to create customized profiles of energy consumption that unlock savings from energy-intensive systems and better forecasts supply and demand on the grid.

Artificial Inteligence

AI & Machine Learning

Making the use of energy more efficient. Based on live metering data, AI can engage the end consumers providing them with energy consumption data.



To strengthen today’s cyber systems and risk management capabilities;and develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s inherently secure and resilient systems



Enabling peer-to-peer energy trading, to unlock the power of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for ancillary grid services.

IoT in Energy


Smart meters and home automation devices with the ability to collect meter readings allow customers to turn on/off appliances while collecting their habits consumption and provide them with a live tracking.

Innovation in the Energy sector Watch the webinar here