WiderPool helps corporates grow their business by connecting them with the most innovative early stage startups worldwide

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Our Exclusive Tailored Call is our most complete and successful service to bring the corporate the best fit technologies in order to grow their business. The Exclusive Tailored Call is a rigorous search-and-discovery process, designed specifically for large corporates, and customised to their particular innovation challenges and requirements.

By leveraging all of our resources and experience, we provide you with unparalleled access to the world’s most innovative technology solutions and perfectly match your business needs with tech companies to:

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Improve cost efficiencies

Offer new services or products to your customers

This call is created to solve specific problems that require personalization, that’s why exclusive calls will be made for each corporation. 

    The WiderPool Operations Team will initiate by defining the focus areas and challenges together with the corporate. Once this is definean ideal solution, process and partnership for the further process can be determined.
    Profound startup qualification is more complex and time consuming than it seems. Therefore, we will allocate our Advisory Board as a selection committee to qualify and evaluate the deal flow of startups.
    WiderPool counts with worldwide Industry experts of Consultants, Investors & Directors with a vast experience in both corporates and startups.
  • icon-services.png Identify challenges

    Identify and prioritize the business challenges

  • icon-services.png Promote and scout worldwide

    Get the attraction of startups in a global environment

  • icon-services.png Curation of the best candidates

    Have professional criteria and expert juries to select the best candidates

  • icon-services.png Analysis and decision

    Combining strategic, tech, cultural and financial vision

  • icon-services.png Terms negotiation

    Defining the terms for a commercial and shares participation

  • icon-services.png Product & team integration

    Creating a10 weeks sprint to launch the new functionality to your market

    Our specific curation model to adequate search and selection of tech startups
    Base camp. Between 80-100 startups that validate the required information about how to solve the business challenge
    Top 25. The best under scalability and capabilities algorithm.  Team, product, references, growth,... 
    Top 10. Selection of the experts jury and corporation criteria.  Interviews with key executives and Due Diligence
    Top 3. The three winners with which they will negotiate and close the final * agreements
    We developed an in-house Open Innovation Platform that enables efficient, standardized and professional curation of deal flow provided by our top notch investors and industry experts
    WiderPool’s Open Innovation Platform allows corporations to match, curate and incorporate early stage tech companies using a collaborative online environment.
    During the process the corporation will have access to our Open Innovation Platform to follow in real time the process of finding the best fit for your specific innovation requirement.
    We provide visibility and interaction with our communities:
Never underestimate the power of a great testimonial. A few words of praise from a happy customer can work wonders. A big, friendly smile never hurts, either.

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

Never underestimate the power of a great testimonial. A few words of praise from a happy customer can work wonders. A big, friendly smile never hurts, either.

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

Most of corporates need to grow in new markets and seek to acquire new capabilities and solutions, connecting with early stage technologies through the open innovation model. 
Over 180 new corporate venture capital firms invested in 2017 — representing 66% growth over 2016.
Speed: Users and customers will demand hundreds of initiatives to be developed in only a few years. You need to  accelerate the time to market for the solutions
Talent: Corporates  needs cutting-edge access. Early growth techs  will bring the best teams worldwide in every small niche
Prototypes: To bring concepts to reality without investing efforts developing or creating new products and focusing only in the customer journey
Partnerships: Corporates need innovative partners. It is a must to facilitate commercial and investment  partnerships