Is your business ready to grow into the Indian market?

Can you drive better engagement with customers in the FMCG market?

Does your solution offer a personalized experience?

Could you offer unique delivery mechanisms?

Are you looking for direct capital investment?

This opportunity is for you!

WiderPool is looking for the best innovative solutions in the market, that will gain an exclusive access to new markets and additional capital.

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This opportunity is for you! We are looking to collaborate and partner up with growth-stage tech companies from the following sectors (but not only!):

FMCG Related products

Natural / Organic / Ayurvedic products

Personalised/ customised FMCG products or delivery mechanism for FMCG

Big Data / AI in FMCG Sector

Machine learning / Deep Learning

AR/ Facial Recognition / Diagnostic Tools



Your solutions should answer one or more of the following objectives:

TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS for Innovative Skin, Hair and Make-up products to:

  • Identify & Predict skin and hair illnesses.  e.g. Alopecia, Hair Loss. 
  • Predict stress levels and monitor differences in stress patterns through devices.
  • Identify skin and hair types. e.g. Dandruff problems. 

NATURAL INGREDIENTS (Ayurvedic, Innovative, Healing, offering solution to a problem) to:

  • Promote health and lengthen life
  • Offer a personalized DIY experience per customer. 


  • Develop new innovative ways of delivery of products to end-customers. 

Note: Please avoid applying if your solution/product operates in other sectors, only solutions/products working in the health, wellness and beauty sectors will be accepted in the process. 



WiderPool provides a unique opportunity to growth-stage tech companies with innovative technology solutions by giving you direct access to a market-leader in India. You will become the key driver for their innovation strategy and successful collaboration on initial innovation goals.  This will lead to a long-term relationship of future opportunities. With these long-term goals in mind, WiderPool offers you a scaling package of services that includes:

Capital Funding

Capital funding

Initial development of $250,000 with up to $1 Million follow-up funding available from WiderPool to help you scale your products to customers worldwide.

Market Opportunities

Market Opportunities

WiderPool offers to startups the opportunity to access markets and corporate clients worldwide. It allows the startups to expand their business in a seamless way, starting a pilot with big players already in place in the industry and validate their technology.

Business Development

Business development

Through our communities of IT executives worldwide. With a membership of over 6500 CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors across Europe and South America.


1. Currently provides technology products or services that address the strategic needs as outlined, focused around personalized services in the beauty tech sector

2. Can demonstrate a successful progress and has existing customers

3. Has generated annual revenue of at least $100,000 or has demonstrated progress towards achieving that goal

4. Can immediately implement technology solutions into a corporate

5. Demonstrates good leadership and management skills.


Applications submissions

Review applications

Shortlist Company candidates

Company interview

Due Diligence

Announce winner(s)

$250k Investment


If you are a growth-stage tech company ready to scale globally, and can solve problems in any of the areas listed above, we invite you to fill out the application below

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WiderPool will be accepting requests for registration from 10th December to 20th January, 2019 taking into account the best technology solutions that address the needs of our corporate partners, as outlined in each global technological call.

WiderPool will have the right to operate the various global technological calls as follows:

1. Entry. The global technology calls shall be open to any growth-stage tech company that meets the criteria.

2. Criteria. WiderPool shall determine the winning tech companies based on evidence of being able to provide the most effective solutions to solve the business problems of its corporate clients.

3. Winning Technology Companies. The technology company that WiderPool finds to be the best fit for our business model may be awarded an initial investment injection from $250K to $1,8M from WiderPool to be used for scaling the tech company internationally, with follow-up venture capital funding available. WiderPool will also provide the winners with a full scaling programme, which includes a built-in targeted marketing/sales process, as well as advice and guidance on securing customers through targeted product services. The prize will also include better access to venture capital and advice on potential exit strategies, such as mergers and acquisitions, should the tech company envision that as an eventual option.

4. Selection of Winners. WiderPool and its Advisory Board, together with the client´s senior management team, shall select the winners of the competition and deliver the prize components to the winners. WiderPool will shortlist a group of 25 companies and invite them to be part of a Jury Period. After which a final group of 10 companies will be determined before the winners will be selected. Shortlisted companies and finalists will be considered as participants at conferences that WiderPool features worldwide.

5. WiderPool Obligations. WiderPool will be responsible for the administration, operation and promotion of global technology call.