Insurtech Open Innovation Program

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The Insurtech Open Innovation Program 

The insurance sector has been experiencing a massive transformation, with a big shift from the 'detect & repair' to the 'predict & prevent'. Every aspect of the industry has been changing. The understanding of customer behaviour opens a wide new range of personalized offerings with more assertive pricing. Advanced technologies and data are not only transforming every aspect of the customer experience but also bringing substantial results in cost reduction, risk mitigation, and claim efficiency. 

In the Open Innovation Program, WiderPool will bring the best early-and-growth stage insurtechs and the largest insurers together to take the insurance industry to the next level. We will recommend the right match for you by combining the assesment from our experts with our proven methodology

Our General Focus Areas:

  • Customer Experience & Data Analytics;

  • Underwriting Products & Customer-Centric Services;

  • Distribution;

  • Claim Efficiency & Process Automation;

  • Risk & Fraud Detection;

OUr insurtech experts

We allocate a top-notch selection committee to qualify the startups for you
Juan Cumbrado WiderPool

Juan Cumbrado


Digital Transformation Director at MAFRE Mexico


Carl Thong WiderPool

Carl Thong 


     CEO of Sunstone Group              


Alexander Montoya WiderPool

Alexander Montoya 


President of LATAM Liberty International Underwriters 

 Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Paul Oudenhiven-1.jpg

Paul Oudenhoven

Former Comercial Director at Liberty Seguros Spain 

                Brazil & Spain

Cesar Castro WiderPool

Cesar Castro


Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator


Susana Agustin_Picture.jpeg

      Susana Agustin                  


Former General Manager at Nación Seguros S.A. 


Christophe WiderPool 3.jpeg

Christophe de Cacqueray  

New Business Director at Cóvea



'Scout & Match' + 'Tailored Global Exploration'
Project Kickoff
Our Open Innovation Program starts with identifying “pain points” of the Insurance companies participants of the program. From that, we will identify the focus areas to be addressed and prioritize the innovation challenges & new growth opportunities and correlated technological verticals & solutions that will guide the scouting of the startups.
Promotion & Scouting
WiderPool will leverage its global partnerships with Key Innovation Hubs and the 80+ Advisory Board members (C-Level Executives) to efficiently scout worldwide for early-and-growth stage insurtechs.
After the scouting, we conduct an initial analysis from the collected applications to pre-select the best insurtechs that have a fit with the defined focus areas.

+ Tailored Global Exploration

Due Diligence & Analysis
We will further advance in the analysis of the deal-flow by applying our internal methodology followed by a due-diligence of the 10 finalists conducted together with our experts (C-Level executives) in the Insurance market and specific technological verticals to provide a recommendation of the 3 selected finalists per focus area.
WiderPool may invest from €250.000 to € 1.8 Million in the early-and-growth stage startup(s) chosen by the corporate to start the commercial pilot or partnership. WiderPool investors and experts also have the option to co-invest.
* The Tailored Global Exploration is a continuation of the Scout & Match Program. Should you like to continue partnering with WiderPool, we can provide not only a tailored recommendation of the 3 best-fit startups to you , but also Investment in the startup you select. At this stage, we involve our experts in our due-diligence process.


Participation is subject to the number of places available
Innovation in the Insurance Sector Watch the full webinar here

 ready to change the industry?

WiderPool offers the execution of an Open Innovation Program to the corporations that are seeking to leverage their growth & business opportunities by connecting with insurtechs that are changing the industry. By joining the program, you will get an international and qualified deal flow of early-and-growth stage startups that address your growth & innovation challenges.