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An Interview with, WiderPool's Newest Partner

Scott Stonham and Paul Moss, two internationally recognised technology experts from the telecommunications industry, have recently joined our Advisory Board and announced the partnership between and WiderPool. 

Established in the UK, was founded by Scott Stonham and Paul Moss in 2018. Together, the founders bring fifty years of experience developing and bringing to market innovative technology products for start-ups and multi-national corporations. The team has experience in Asian, Middle Eastern, European, UK and American markets, and has been involved in funding, founding and exiting start-ups across several countries.

Hello gentlemen, what would you tell us about yourselves?Paul Moss

Paul: Scott and I have known each other for about 17 years. We first came into contact in 2002, when I was leading business development for Toshiba Corporation’s mobile communications startup in Europe, and Scott was leading a team at Vodafone Group developing location-based services and mobile marketing.


Scott Stonham

Scott: We initially worked together on the development and launch of the Vodafone Live! mobile internet proposition and associated 3G handsets, but lost touch after a while, only coming back together a few years ago, when I invited Paul to join me at RootMetrics, a leading player in mobile network performance analytics, shortly after their acquisition by global business intelligence firm IHS Markit.


Paul: A year or so into my time at RootMetrics, Scott was invited to set up a new cross-sector group within our parent company IHS Markit, that looked at how new technologies including 5G, IoT, AI and Blockchain were going to impact on industry. It was this experience of seeing the disruptive potential of these technologies and the level of confusion in the corporate world that planted the seed that brought us set up our company

Scott: On professional level, Paul and I are a good fit. He describes me as a commercially astute technologist (well, geek…), and I would describe Paul as a technically aware commercial guy. We have complimentary skill sets. On a personal level, we share some common interests too, including a similar sense of humour, which has helped us as we have embarked on our new venture.

What type of business are you running now and how does this relate to what WiderPool does in the innovation space? works on behalf of large businesses and enterprises to proactively discover innovative technology partners to take opportunity of evolving, disrupting markets and economies. Acting as team extensions or independent advisors, the team researches, discovers and triages technologies from academic, start-up and established providers to match technology capability and culture against the organisations’ requirements.

Having been introduced to Juan-Carlos Fouz, the CEO of WiderPool, we discovered that we had a common ambition to help enterprises to innovate more effectively, and to help technology startups to prosper. WiderPool were also looking to grow business in the UK & Ireland region, so a partnership made perfect sense.

What motivated you to found

Scott: We’ve both had significant experience of developing new products and services on behalf of large enterprises, and selling these to other large enterprises. We’ve also had a lot of experience in the technology startup world, from founding, funding, scaling and exiting, so we feel that we are well-positioned to bring corporates together with these innovative, early-stage companies. We can help them to understand each other better and deliver innovation more effectively.

Paul: We’ve been talking to a lot of C-level corporate executives, and a common observation is that the technology market is changing ever more rapidly, so it’s hard to keep track. We’re at a point in time where it’s not just one thing that is changing, it’s many combinations of different technologies coming together to disrupt business. Corporations are in need of a focused, pragmatic and expedient approach to innovation delivery. Our experience of bringing people together to get things done is proving invaluable.

What industries do you see as being particularly open to WiderPool’s innovation model?

We see there being significant opportunities within construction, hospitality and transportation. These are sectors that have historically been slow to adopt new technologies and are ripe for disruption. Given our professional experience to date, and the expanding role of connectivity across almost every industry, we are also engaging in projects in the telecom sector.

Tell us about some of the innovative projects you’ve been involved with over years?

Scott: My academic background is in control engineering, cybernetics and artificial intelligence. In my early days I was building robots that used neural networks and multiple sensors to learn to move, navigate obstacles and hunt. I later went on to lead the development & marketing of GPS technology and location services at Vodafone and Qualcomm. Recently I have been appointed as a Non-Executive Director and technology advisor to the board of a not-for-profit organisation that creates great further education opportunities and experiences for young people

Paul: During my career I’ve been privileged to work with great people delivering some truly ground-breaking products and services. There are a couple that immediately spring to mind. Firstly, working with Cellnet, Alcatel, Gemplus and Barclays to launch the world’s secure mobile banking service, and secondly designing, developing and launching a fully-hosted mobile infotainment service for Virgin Mobile UK.

When you have some time away from work, what do you like to do?

Paul: I hold black belts in Japanese and Okinawan karate and also have a passion for live music, regularly performing as lead vocalist with my band at venues across the south of the UK. My wife and I have two teenaged children, so spend time operating our in-house taxi service getting them to their various sporting and social engagements! I’m also a life-long motorcyclist and motorcycle racing fan and enjoy touring in UK and on mainland Europe.

Scott: There’s always a pet-project to keep me busy, building connected, automated things that one day I’ll find time to bring to market. Beyond that I spend as much time as I can with my family, enjoying watching them grow and giving them as many new experiences as we can – we like to travel.

Thank you very much Paul, Scott it was a pleasure to know more about you! At WiderPool we are very happy to have such experienced professionals as partners. 

Would you like to know more about being an Advisory Board member at WiderPool ? Write us here. 


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