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New Partnership between WiderPool & InnovationScouts.tech

We are pleased to announce  the recently signed partnership between WiderPool and Innovationscouts.tech, who will perform as WiderPool's representatives in the UK & Ireland.

InnovationScouts.tech works on behalf of large businesses and enterprises to proactively discover innovative technology partners to take opportunity of evolving, disrupting markets and economies. Acting as team extensions or independent advisors, the InnovationScouts.tech team researches, discovers and triages technologies from academic, start-up and established providers to match technology capability and culture against the organisations’ requirements.

“Having been introduced to Juan-Carlos Fouz at WiderPool, we discovered that we had a common ambition to help enterprises to innovate more effectively, and to help technology startups to prosper. WiderPool were also looking to grow business in the UK & Ireland region, so a partnership made perfect sense, and we are absolutely delighted to be working together", said Paul Moss, Director & Co-Founder at InnovationScouts.tech.

Established in the UK in 2018, InnovationScouts.tech was founded by two internationally recognised technology experts from the telecommunications industry. Together, the founders bring fifty years of experience developing and bringing to market innovative technology products for start-ups and multi-national corporations. The team has experience in Asian, Middle Eastern, European, UK  and American markets, and has been involved in funding, founding and exiting start-ups across several countries.

"We are delighted to count on professionals with so much experience. There is no doubt that Paul Moss and Scott Stonham from InnovationScouts.tech will contribute with great value to the growing ecosystem of WiderPool", said Juan Carlos Fouz, CEO at WiderPool. 



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