Webinar Video: The Future of Retail

Salim IsmailFounding Executive Director of Singularity University and  Cesar Castro, Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, discussed the transformation of the retail sector and the business opportunities arising from it.


The increasing consumer expectations in shopping experience are pushing the retailers to a massive transformation in which transactions are turning into experiences and products into services.

On top of that, the speed of delivery and easy comparison of pricing are challenging the current supply chain models and squeezing the retailer’s profitability. Many are taking the challenge of the omnichannel approach into an opportunity to maximize the customer experience and boost sales. 

Companies are urgently looking for innovative technologies to assess the less predictable purchasing behavior, to bring the customers closer and to deliver as soon as possible. How will those challenges  transform into new sources of growth? 

WiderPool brings Salim Ismail, and Cesar Castro for a 60-minute session to discuss the transformation of the sector: 


Salim Ismail -  Founding Executive Director of Singularity University; Chairman of ExO Works; Founder of The ExO Foundation and author of best-selling book  Exponential Organisations. 

Cesar Castro -  Founder and Managing Partner of Escalate Group. Also Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, which provides technical, marketing, monetary and strategy support for companies creating or adapting business with Blockchain technology.


  • The Exponential Future in the Retail Industry 

The future of retail is being disrupted on both the demand and supply side. Online shopping, pop up brands and low cost of online promotion are affecting the buy side heavily. Meanwhile, the democratization of design and production mean that there’s an explosion of market entrants. Retailers are turning from transactions into experiences and products are turning into services. As an example, Amazon Basics is now the biggest seller of batteries in the world.

  • Retail & Blockchain: A Universe of Opportunities

Cesar Castro shared several blockchain developments across consumer and business applications. It is an excellent opportunity for retailers to learn how distributed ledger technologies have been impacting their industry


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