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VIVIgas Energia, announces Watty as the winning startup from the Energy Open Innovation Program

The Italian energy & gas utility, VIVIgas Energia, announced this week the agreement signed with the Artificial Intelligence technology startup, Watty. The startup based in Sweden, through its homonymous device allows to monitor the end-customers properties from the smartphone and consequently optimize energy consumption. The agreement between VIVIgas & Watty marks the conclusion of the WiderPool Open Innovation program

Andrea Bolla, CEO of VIVIgas energia said that “Today more than ever, to bring added value to the customer, it is necessary to propose highly innovative solutions, oriented towards respect for the environment and reduction of the energy costs. VIVIgas energia invests constantly in innovation with the goal of offering the best possible service. We will continue to evaluate all the opportunities that technology offers in order to provide our customers excellent service; WATTY is an example of this".

Watty, is a highly intuitive device, which due to a dedicated APP, guarantees the capacity to monitor at any time what is happening at home, while verifying which appliances are active and are consuming energy at the same time. All these possibilities, by simply checking the data from the smartphone or receiving notifications. Watty also helps to monitor and understand the energy consumption in order to make more conscious choices.

Gustav Gårdbro, Head of business development at Watty explained to WiderPool that, "This agreement represents a great opportunity for our company to enter into the Italian market; VIVIgas energia has proven to be a partner strongly oriented towards innovation and the opportunities offered by technology. Together, we will offer the best solutions to help people understand and manage their energy costs, in their homes".

The Open Innovation Program

The agreement marks the conclusion of WiderPool's Open Innovation Program. Together with VIVIgas, WiderPool scouted 97 international tech startups with the most disruptive solutions within the energy sector. The Due Diligence of these startups and resulting analysis concluded with a top-ranked list of 3 winners from all participants of the program, from which VIVIgas selected Watty as winning partner to start the commercial collaboration with.

The CEO of VIVIGas Energia said that "The latest generation technology is a key factor to making the energy sector more efficient.We are proud to be the only ones in Italy to offer a solution that is both, sophisticated and easy to use. The alliance with WiderPool has allowed us to further accelerate our growth path and make a concrete contribution to market innovation".

"With the participation of VIVIgas in our Open Innovation Program in Energy, they have shown their ability to anticipate the needs of the market and to establish a closer relationship with their clients. We are very pleased that our partnership with VIVIgas unlocks value, grows their business and transforms radically the model of customer experience in the European market”, declared Juan Carlos Fouz, CEO of WiderPool.


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