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Webinar Video: Innovation in Insurance

Check out our latest webinar about Innovation in the Insurance sector

During the session, our speakers, Salim IsmailFounding Executive Director of Singularity UniversityCesar Castro, Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, and Michal MonitCo-Founder at Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, discussed the transformation of the insurance sector and the business opportunities arising from it.



The insurance sector has been experiencing a massive transformation, with a big shift from the 'detect & repair' to the 'predict & prevent'.Every aspect of the industry has been changed. Advanced technologies and data are not only transforming every aspect of the customer experience but also bringing substantial results in cost reduction, risk mitigation, and claim efficiency. Could you imagine solving a claim in minutes and purchasing policies in almost real-time? What are the trends leading to the greatest opportunities? And how are companies successfully navigating to this new wave of technological disruption? 

To answer these questions WiderPool brings together Salim Ismail, Cesar Castro and Michal Monit for a 60-minute session to discuss the rise of insurtechs and the transformation of the insurance market:


Salim Ismail -  Founding Executive Director of Singularity University; Chairman of ExO Works; Founder of The ExO Foundation and author of best-selling book  Exponential Organisations. 

Cesar Castro -  Founder and Managing Partner of Escalate Group. Also Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, which provides technical, marketing, monetary and strategy support for companies creating or adapting business with Blockchain technology.

Michal Monit -  Co-Founder at Fluid Blockchain Accelerator. Singularity University's GSP alumnus, MIT Portugal graduate, Sandbox & RSA Fellow. PhD-Versatilist, thriving at the intersection of innovation, design & entrepreneurship.  


  • The Transformation of the Insurance Sector 

Salim Ismail will talk about the new challenges that are determining the insurance companies' “Massive Transformative Purpose” (MTP), how they are successfully navigating the difficult investment environment and how quick they are adapting to an exponential wave of technological disruption coming directly at them.  He will also touch upon the new peer-to-peer insurers such as Friendsurance and Lemonade that are fundamentally disrupting the insurance industry.  

  • Insurtech & Blockchain: A Universe of Opportunities

Cesar Castro and Michal Monit will present examples of startups focused on claim automatization, microinsurance, and decentralized networks for dispute resolution. 

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