Webinar Video: Innovation in the Energy Sector

Check out our latest webinar about Innovation in the Energy Sector!

During the session, our speakers, Salim IsmailFounding Executive Director of Singularity University and Cesar Castro, Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, discussed aspects of the current and coming transformation on the industry, like "the age of abundance" and showed some practical  examples of startups using blockchain in energy, among others.

With the rise of new exponential technologies, the energy sector has been prime for disruption as the sector shifts away from the ‘old ways of the traditional meter’. While there is a growing awareness of the potential for disruption, what do we know about the factors causing disruption, what is going on in the energy sector? Where are the great opportunities and is the time right now to leverage them? 

WiderPool has placed significant resources on the Energy Sector from a client and solutions perspective, and therefore organised this webinar with Salim Ismail and Cesar Castro. 


Salim Ismail -  Founding Executive Director of Singularity University; Chairman of ExO Works; Founder of The ExO Foundation and author of best-selling book  Exponential Organisations. 

Cesar Castro -  Founder and Managing Partner of Escalate Group. Also Co-Founder of Fluid Blockchain Accelerator, which provides technical, marketing, monetary and strategy support for companies creating or adapting business with Blockchain technology.


  • The Exponential Future in the Energy Industry

Salim Ismail will present the most innovative thoughts around the fast moving energy sector and how to move from the "age of energy scarcity to abundance". 

  • Blockchain: A universe of opportunities or just a hype?

Cesar Castro will exhibit the potential to create decentralised economies and new business models. With him we learn how digital assets are evolving, why new ways to store files and share data is reaching critical mass, and what your peers are doing across the Energy industry to enable Blockchain technology creating impact and value in their businesses.

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