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This is how our Open Innovation Program looks like

In our Open Innovation Program we scout, identify & qualify the best technological solutions provided by startups worldwide. Through our process we unlock the maximum benefit for companies seeking to leverage growth opportunities through innovation by engaging with the startups that are changing their specific industry sector.  In our global open innovation program with VIVIgas – a major Italian energy & gas utility - we identified more than 97 tech startups in the energy sector

Through our program, VIVIgas Energia recently announced that it has signed a business partnership with the Artificial Intelligence technology startup, Watty. The startup based in Sweden, through its homonymous device, provides energy utilities the ability to monitor customers’ residences or commercial properties through smartphone and allowing for the most efficient management of energy consumption.

The agreement between VIVIgas & Watty marks the conclusion of the WiderPool Open Innovation program focused on the Energy sector. In the diagram below we explain the whole process, from the initial strategy meeting to identify the corporation’s innovation needs, through the scouting, and then selecting best match startups and then producing with the commercial agreement. 

 WiderPool_ VIVIGAs_ Watty _ Infographic_ VF

Would you like to know more about the process of our Open Innovation Programs? Feel free to get in touch with us. 

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